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Aqua Rossa water is infused with the harmony of the earth and sky. Natural purity and gentle softness in every sip. Sourced from an artesian spring. Available in volumes: 1L, 0.5L. Varieties include plain water and lemon-flavored water.

Негазированная вода

Pomegranate Rossa: Rich, refreshing pomegranate flavor. Pomegranate offers antioxidant benefits, nourishing the body and enhancing vitality. Made with Aqua Rossa artesian water. Available in volumes: 0.5L, 0.33L.

Mojito Rossa: Light and refreshing beverage with a hint of mint and a pleasant lime flavor. Made with Aqua Rossa artesian water. Available in volume: 1L (can) and 0.5L, 1L (bottle).


Rossa nectars are created with care for your health, made from concentrated fruit juice and puree. Fruits and berries used for juice and nectar production undergo strict quality control. Drinking 2 glasses every day provides your daily dose of vitamins. Available in volume: 1L. Varieties include apple nectar, cherry nectar, fruit mix, and peach-apple nectar.

Sun Tropic Juices

Sun Tropic juices are made from concentrated juice, enriching you with essential vitamins. The company adheres to the principle of a maximally safe recipe, so the juice contains no preservatives, colorings, artificial additives, or thickeners. Available in volume: 0.2L. Varieties include apple, apple-peach, and multifruit.

Соки «Sun Tropic»
Juice Bali

Bali is a blend of fruit juice without pulp, artesian water, and natural juices, creating an incredibly rich and delicious beverage. Volume: 0.33L. Assortment: banana, strawberry-banana, tropical fruits.

Соки «Bali»
Rossa Teas

Rossa Teas combine the essence of traditional tea with the delightful flavors of fruits! Rossa Teas are brewed from black tea extract infused with concentrated natural fruit juice. Volume: 1L. Variety: lemon tea, mango-pineapple tea, strawberry tea, peach tea.


Bizon Power Energy Drink is crafted for those who live life non-stop, ready to conquer new heights every day. A sip of this beverage fills you with strength and energy.

Aloe Sun Juice is made from Aloe pulp, offering a refined taste. It provides significant benefits for gastrointestinal health and is crucial for the normal functioning of the body. Volume: 1L.

Our Water's Story

Mountain water isn't just water; it's a source of health and vitality. With its unique mineral composition containing valuable elements like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, it becomes your reliable partner in maintaining optimal health. These minerals not only support the body's normal functions but also strengthen bones, promote heart and vascular health, and enhance immunity.

Since ancient times, drinking mountain water was considered a magical elixir, possessing healing properties and an unmatched taste.

Every drop undergoes strict quality control to preserve its purity and unique taste before it finds its way into our bottles. Our water is a testament to our respect for nature and our careful stewardship of the environment. We take pride in protecting the unique ecosystems of mountain regions and preserving their purity. We handle water resources with utmost care so that future generations can also enjoy this delightful natural gift.

Mountain water passes through layers of rock, making it perfectly pure for drinking.

Mountain springs contain valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Mountain water, owing to its origin, has an exceptionally fresh and clean taste.

Mountain water has natural hydrating properties, promoting skin hydration.

Drinking mountain water can restore electrolyte balance in the body and provide a sense of energy.

Mountain water can aid in improving digestion and alleviating stomach disorders.

About the Company

On December 25, 2018, a state-of-the-art production and bottling plant, "AQUA ROSSA," was established and put into operation in the Industrial Zone "Tassay" in the city of Shymkent, Kazakhstan. The latest facility is equipped with advanced and high-quality machinery and occupies 2 hectares of private property.

The plant is equipped with seven high-speed production lines:

  • Children's Juice Bottling Line (TetraPak)
  • Doypack Packaging Bottling Line
  • Energy Drink Bottling Line
  • Bottled Drinking Water Line
  • Carbonated Beverage Bottling Line (aluminum cans)
  • Juice-Containing Can Bottling Line

All products are made using drinking mountain water, which passes through 7 filters and originates from a well at the foot of the mountains.

"AQUA ROSSA" plant is currently the only manufacturer of energy drinks in Kazakhstan.

All company products are certified for quality and have "HALAL" certificates.
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