Nectars Rossa

Created with care for your health, these nectars are made from concentrated fruit juice and puree. Fruits and berries used in Rossa juice and nectar production undergo rigorous quality control. Consuming 2 glasses daily provides your daily vitamin intake. Volumes: 1L. Assortment: apple nectar, cherry nectar, fruit mix, peach and apple nectar.

Sun Tropic

Made from concentrated juice, Sun Tropic provides essential vitamins. The company adheres to a recipe principle that maximizes safety, ensuring the juice contains no preservatives, colorants, artificial additives, or thickeners. Volumes: 0.2L. Assortment: apple, apple-peach, multifruit.

Aloe Juice

Aloe juice is made from aloe pulp, offering exquisite taste and significant benefits for the gastrointestinal tract and overall body functioning. Volume: 1L.


Bali is a mix of fruit juice without pulp, artesian water and natural juices that make the drink incredibly rich and tasty! Volume: 0,33L. Assortment: banana, strawberry-banana, tropical fruits.